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Start Planning an Outdoor Kitchen Now

Planning and building an outdoor kitchen takes time. Now is the perfect time to start. It’s an exciting process; picking a location, design, materials and all the special touches. Spring will be here in no time, and you want to be ready with your beautiful outdoor kitchen.

We all want to get outdoors and stay there. An outdoor kitchen will add another dimension to your home, family meals, and your social life. Can you imagine never having to miss out on your family and friend gatherings to go inside to prep and prepare meals and snacks ever again? And the beauty of an outdoor kitchen in our region of the country is… we can use them all year long.

Outdoor kitchens have the capability to create a unique and personalized place in your home, and they can add a tremendous amount of value – to your life and property. Creative Pool Designs by Express can design an outdoor kitchen for you that will reflect your personal style and how you cook. We’ll ensure it blends beautifully into your backyard landscape while functioning as an efficient, productive kitchen.

Like any other room in your house, you expect your finishes and appliances to last, so why should your outdoor kitchen be any different? We work with the best manufacturers to give you peace of mind. Creative Pool Designs by Express can design your kitchen with ice makers, refrigerators, hybrid grills that switch easily between cooking with gas and cooking with a real charcoal or wood fire, even a pizza oven. The structure can be made of stone, plaster, concrete or weather-tight cabinetry.

From the initial design consultation, through completion, communication is essential to ensure you are fully informed and updated on the status of your job. If you work with us to design your dream outdoor kitchen, we’ll make sure you are fully aware of what to expect through every step of your project.

Contact us today, we’re not just pool builders and remodelers, we design and build dream outdoor kitchens.

Are you dreaming of an outdoor kitchen? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Resolve to Conserve Pool Water this New Year

We’re just days into the New Year, and we’d like to get you involved with one of our many New Year’s resolutions at Creative Pool Designs by Express. To help pool owners conserve.

Through the year, we’ll give you tricks and tips on ways to save time maintaining your pools, on water, electricity, gas, chemicals and heat. Conservation is important to us all, and we resolve to help you achieve your conservation goals. It’s good for your wallet and the earth.

For many pool owners, water conservation is a crucial subject. In many regions of the country, drought has caused water bans mandated by local municipalities, and even some states have declared state-wide bans. While, in our part of the state, we may not be in a total ban, we still need to do our part to conserve this valuable resource. As a pool builder and renovator, water conservation poses a significant challenge for us. Let’s discuss the top 5 ways to conserve water, by keeping it in your pool.

Top 5 water conservation tips

  1. Lower your pool’s water level. This will prevent less splash-out during water play.
  2. Pool covers lessen water evaporation, keeping the water in the pool where it belongs. As much as 50% of your pool’s water can be lost each year due to evaporation. Beyond water conservation, a pool cover will keep your water clean, conserve the chemicals you used to treat your water and of course heat.
  3. Cartridge filters are ideal for conserving water because they never need to be back washed. Your water will stay in the pool along with chemicals and heat. Cartridge pool filters can save you thousands of gallons of water every season – they conserve up to 92% on water from rinsing cartridges versus backwashing. This equates to approximately 2,500 gallons of water per season.
  4. If you heat your pool’s water with heaters or heat pumps, consider automating your heat source – lowering the temperature during hours and days of no use. This will lessen water evaporation and lower your pool heating costs.
  5. Keep your pool’s water in balance and algae free at all times. Draining or partial pool draining is always a last resort. We can work with you on best water chemistry management practices or leave your chemistry management to Creative Pool Designs by Express.

What are you doing to conserve water? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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